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Training courses guidelines

The TRIADD project is piloting the delivery of a number of training courses in some of the countries of the partners to project, aiming to increase the knowledge and skills of front line staff in recognising and working with mental health problems in people with a learning disability.

The courses have been developed using the following guidelines:

The course should convey simple messages and provide elements of answers to the following questions (put by front-line staff):

  • Understand better the person with Dual Diagnosis (in his/her environment)

  • Say to the participants that the disabled can have problems (which major disfunctions ?)

  • Say that these problems can interfere with the normal `functioning’ of the person

  • Give examples of HOW these changes can present themselves - descriptions

  • Help them to reflect on the possible reasons for these problems/changesWith which tools, observation, etc. can these changes be observed, documented, foreseen, even anticipated…

  • Help staff to draw on their own resources of adaptation, of change in attitude, to review their socio- educational approach in relation to these new issues

  • Re-examine (in a constructive way) their approach/intervention –

  • Show that their relationship, their attitude is a decisive factor in the issue, either as catalyst or in a reactive way..(case studies….)

  • Enable the staff member to get to grips with the problem by helping her/him to formalise it in a more systematic way ;Help them to construct schemes of solutions which will allow them to constantly recreate ‘new’ and/or adapted answers and solutions (analysis of practice……)

  • Make reference to measures which can be taken with a multi-disciplinary team as a possible resource

  • Make reference to measures which can be put in place regarding cooperation with exterior partners

  • Make reference to the realities of the service/institution (in the broad sense) in which these solutions must be found(Provide the teams concerned with analysers /indicators on the impact of the course on their service/institution.





training courses


The structure of the TRIADD training process is set out below.

Teletraining & Face to Face Training

Information from the TRIADD website to include basic knowledge of dual diagnosis.

This is to be followed by Face to Face delivery of training courses (see below for details). Participants will then be encouraged to look at the case study material on the web site to assist with their learning.

Each of the courses will be evaluated.

Read the inital evaluation report here - word doc word document icon

Read the report of the Minguzzi Insitute training course - word doc word document icon


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