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We are a partnership from six European countries who organised a three year pilot project co-financed by the EU Leonardo da Vinco programme, entitled TRIADD - Tele-training, Research and Information Around Dual Diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis is the term used to describe a condition affecting people with learning disabilities who also have mental health problems, and an estimated 30% of the population with a learning disability also have to contend with some form of mental health problems in their lives, be they long or short term. Neither the mental disability sector aiming at integration and empowerment nor the mental health services treating mental health problems are really geared up to serving this user group, and have not traditionally collaborated in finding solutions, with the result that these users are often misunderstood and have a poor quality of life, and the support staff are tested to the limits of their competence.

Our project therefore focused on front-line staff training, and aimed to increase knowledge about this issue in services generally, to increase the skills of the support workers of people with learning disabilities, and ultimately, to improve the quality of life of this neglected but significant target group. There are three key strands to our project: this web site, the training modules, bibliographical sources and psycho-diagnostic tools.

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